The Regional Director would like to thank Mindy Hughes for the pictures on this website of the Regional Contest held in Denver Colorado. Thank you Mindy.

To the Region #8 Team, State Directors, & Contest Officials:


I want to publicly thank each and everyone for their help at the Regional Contest this year. This program was a success due to your actions in a time of need. The bottom dropped out quickly on Friday afternoon and was quickly rebuilt by your actions. From the State Directors, to the Region #8 Team, to the Contest Officials, I thank you. Elks came from near and far to be apart of this contest. Some did not get the word of the cancellation for Saturday. All efforts were made but several made the trip to the contest site on Saturday. I am so very sorry about that. Your dedication to our program did not go unnoticed. Thanks to those Elks that were pulled from the crowd to help with the contest.


The above reasons the Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks also stands for the BEST PEOPLE ON EARTH!!!




Randy Gragg

Regional Director

Elks National Free Throw Contest

Region #8

West Central