Region #8 took home the most hardware at the National Finals.

Neither wind nor rain nor snow nor flooded airport, kept these Champions from showing their talents.

Lance H. 8-9 Boy 3rd Place with 23/25 and 24/25 in tie breakers

Holton H. 10-11 Boy  3rd Place with 22/25 and 5/5 in the tie breaker

Joe B 12-13 Boy shot 23/25 There was a 25/25 and 4 Champions tied at 24/25. What a stacked group!!

Reagan P. 8-9 Girl 2nd Place with 22/25 with 4/5 in the tie breaker

Lindsey T. 10-11 Girl 4th Place with 19/25.

Taylor R. 12-13 Girl 1st Place with 24/25 and 10/10 in the tie breakers.

Region Eight Rocked the House with their preformance.