2023-2024 Elks National "Hoop Shoot" Finals

National Hoop Shoot Final



Date:  April 20, 2024

Location: Chicago, IL  "Wintrust Arena"
Details: National "Hoop Shoot" Finals in Chicago, IL


Contact Information:

Elks National Foundation

2750 North Lakeview Avenue

Chicago, IL 60614-2256

Phone: (773) 755-4728

Fax: (773) 755-4729

Email: enf@elks.org


The Elks National Foundation invites all Local and District "Hoop Shoot" Directors, Elks and friends of the "Hoop Shoot" to attend the 2024 "Hoop Shoot" Finals on  in Chicago, Il.

Hotel Reservations for the National finals can be made using the following Chicago Experience link.

On that page you will find a link to the group rate for the hotel.


Everyone that attends any Hoop Shoot event that weekend will need to have a badge. The only way to get a badge is to be registered. The Fans and Family Registration page which is for anyone who is NOT traveling with the National Finalist can be found online at:


Send a "Hoop Shoot" Greeting

We invite you to send congratulations and good luck wishes from across the country to your favorite Hoop Shoot finalists! ENF will print your message prior to the contest and present them to the contestants when they arrive in Chicago. Here's a great way to let the finalists know that we're all rooting for them to succeed!


The deadline to submit your greeting is April 01, 2024

Hoop Shoot Semifinal Results

Check the results of the 12 Regional Contests from around the nation. All Regional contest are held on two weekends, 03/09/24 & 03/16/24. Site is updated with their results mid-week.

Track your Favorite Finalist with Shot-Tracker


Can't make it to Chicago to see the finalists in action? Don't worry! Shot-tracker, an online feature that allows you to track the progress of finalists, will be available on the Hoop Shoot homepage during National Finals.


Visit www.elks.org/hoopshoot on  and use Shot-tracker to view live results from Chicago!